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Reven Capital is a value real estate investment management firm focused on global real estate investments.  We seek opportunistic investments in real estate, debt, real estate public securities, and special situations. We target investments in countries with established indices with volatility due to macroeconomics, cyclical trends, geo-political situations, mismanaged companies and assets.

Why Reven?

Reven Capital sees opportunities when others don’t. We are contrarian value investors who are disciplined, focused and always aligned with our Investors.


We apply our extensive experience of investing in both public and private real estate companies and assets to make informed, prudent decisions at the right time.


We will remain significant investors and will treat your investment as if it were our own.


We will be transparent in our reporting and will communicate candidly.


Our strict discipline ensures we will adhere to our strategies, manage risk, stay focused on the execution and exit timely.


Reven Capital is a value investment management firm based on the following differentiators:

  • Extensive Real Estate Investing Experience

  • Extensive C Level Real Estate Operational Expertise

  • Public Company C Level Experience

  • Extensive Board experience

  • Investment Innovation

  • Value Investing Since Day One

  • Long Term Track Record of Success

  • Commitment that our Investors come first

  • Professional and Transparent

  • Superior Reputation


Our values shape our culture and our company. Each team member shares our values, which is critical to our working relationship.


We pride ourselves on honest, ethical dealing, and strive to do the "right thing"
at all times.


We are vigilant stewards of our investors' capital.


We strive to outperform benchmarks on a consistent basis.

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